På Kryss towards new horizons

På Kryss towards new horizons

På Kryss is a magazine devoted to real boating enthusiasts. With everything from interesting stories on fascinating adventures along the coasts, in the archipelago and around the lakes of Sweden to stories about sailing adventures around the world.

Why På Kryss?

  • Enhances your sales
  • 13 000 readers plan to buy new boat within two years
  • The readers have an above average salary
  • Together, the readers buy goods and services for 7.8 billion SEK per year

24 900

circulation / TS 2019


editions / år

54 000


Prices and publishing dates

Is there anything else then price and format you’re thinking about? Contact us, together we will find a solution for you!
Dates might change.
Note that since the magazine is glued, you need to take into account that the layout of the covers 8 mm from the center from both sides of the ad spread disappears in the joint.

IssueMaterial deadlinePublishing date
1January 4thFebruary 1st
2February 10thMarch 9th
3March 28thApril 25th
4May 25thJune 20th
5July 28thAugust 24th
6October 25thNovember 14th
FormatSizePrice SEK
Full page 2213 x 285 mm + 5 mm22 500 kr
Full page 3213 x 285 mm + 5 mm22 500 kr
Full page 4213 x 257 mm + 5 mm22 500 kr
Spread / Spread print to edge426 x 285 mm + 5 mm30 000 kr
Full page / Full page print to edge213 x 285 mm + 5mm20 000 kr
Half page landscape / portrait190 x 132 mm / 95 x 265 mm12 500 kr
Quarter page landscape / portrait187 × 63 mm / 92 × 129 mm7 500 kr
1/8 landscape / portrait92 x 63 mm / 44 × 129 mm4 000 kr
1/1644 x 63 mm2 500 kr
Tips column44 × 31,5 mm1 000 kr

Send your ads in PDF file format. Photos and illustrations should be in CMYK (no spot colors, PMS or RGB). Images must be high resolution, ie 300 dpi to be as good as possible in print. Lower limit of what can be printed is 240 dpi without noticeably deterioration in quality. Text should not be closer than 5 mm from the page’s crop marks. Include bleed of 5 mm on all full page ads. On adviser.se you can download ICC profiles.

Leave your ad at www.skickaannons.se or via print@adelivery.se.

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a_delivery can help you produce your ad material to our magazines and sites. Talk to your sales person to get an estimate or visit us at www.adelivery.se.

Digital - Banners

Is there anything else other than price and format you are thinking about? Contact us, together we will find a solution for you!

Panorama, top - (980x240 pixels)

1 month6 000 kr24 000 kr12 000 kr

Panorama, middle - (980x240 pixels)

1 month5 600 kr22 400 kr11 200 kr

Article in banner - (728x200 pixels)

1 month3 200 kr12 800 kr6 400 kr

Widescreen, right or left - (570x300 pixels)

1 month2 800 kr11 200 kr5 600 kr

Insider, 1 or 2 - (300x250 pixels)

1 month2 800 kr11 200 kr5 600 kr

Takeover - (1920x1080 pixels)

1 month15 000 kr


1 month15 000 kr

On our digital platforms, we work with fast news.

We deliver fresh news on the web, on our social media platforms and through our weekly newsletter and thus reach and engage directly into the target group.

Digital - Newsletter

Our popular newsletter is sent out every Tuesday. It reaches about 20,000 addresses Kryssarklubben’s register. News from both Kryssarklubben and the boating world in general.

Panorama 1 - (600x150 pixels)

1 week18 730 kr8 730 kr

Panorama 2 - (600x150 pixels)

1 week16 730 kr6 730 kr

Banner 1 or 2 - (300x250 pixels)

1 week15 730 kr5 730 kr

Send banner ads to digital@adelivery.se. Acceptable formats are GIF, JPEG eller HTML. Max weight 80 kb. Attach link to landing page.

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