Focusing on beef production

The readers of Nötkött are focused on breeding and meat production. As an advertiser, you get to reach a committed target audience who have small to very large herds of animals. Like every other entrepreneur, meat producers need to develop and streamline their niche in the livestock keeping industry, as well as stay up to date concerning laws and regulations. Meat producers also have basic needs regarding machines for transporting animals, pasture and feedstuff farming as well as equipment for feedings and financial advice, veterinarians and insurances.

Why Nötkött?

  • A large majority of Nötkött's audience read at least half of the magazine's ads.
  • 85% read all or almost every single issue of Nötkött.
  • Nötkött's average satisfaction score is 84 on a scale from 0 to 100, where 100 implies very satisfied.

3 800




7 200


Advertisement in print

"Every meat producer should read Nötkött to stay up to date."

FormatSizePrice (ex VAT)
Full page206 mm x 270 mm + 5 mm10 900 SEK
Spread412 mm x 270 mm + 5 mm25 000 SEK
Cover 2 + 3206 mm x 270 mm + 5 mm12 250 SEK
1/2 page horizontal166 mm x 112 mm6 900 SEK
1/2 page vertical80 mm x 231 mm6 900 SEK
1/4 page horizontal166 mm x 53 mm4 500 SEK
1/4 page vertical80 mm x 112 mm4 500 SEK
1/880 mm x 53 mm2 300 SEK
Cover 4206 mm x 240 mm + 5 mm13 900 SEK
Others90 mm x 60 mm1 900 SEK

Breeding ads

FormatPrice (ex VAT)
1/81 730 SEK
1/43 330 SEK
1/24 800 SEK

Publication schedule

With reservation for changes.

IssueThemeDeadline for advertisementsDay of publication
1Calf17 january9 february
2Pasture (Vall)16 mars13 april
3Pasture (Bete)23 may15 june
4Sustainability9 august31 august
5Inomgård26 september19 october
6Breeding21 november14 december

Digital formats

1140 x 200 pxContact salesperson
750 x 300 pxContact salesperson
345 x 520 pxContact salesperson
365 x 200 pxContact salesperson

Send your ads in PDF file format. Photos and illustrations should be in CMYK (no spot colors, PMS or RGB). Images must be high resolution, ie 300 dpi to be as good as possible in print. 3 mm drop should be placed around the creative. Cutting marks are used to fit the ad correctly. Text should not be closer than 5 mm from the page’s crop marks.

Leave your ad at www.skickaannons.se or via print@adelivery.se.


Send your banners to digital@adelivery.se in file format GIF, JPEG or HTML. The material must be in place no later than three working days before publication. Maximum weight 110 kb. Do not forget the link to the landing page.

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