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Maskinentreprenören was established 1957 and is the Swedish official trade magazine for construction equipment, aggregates and earth moving. Publisher is the Swedish Association of earth movers (Maskinentreprenörerna). Maskinentreprenören Magazine is a monthly with 10 issues yearly. It covers the business as a whole for the professional readers in the business of creating infrastructure.

This is why professional markets chose Maskinentreprenören:

  • 80% of the readers rank Maskinentreprenören as great or good
  • 55% shares content the magazine with others in the business.
  • 70% saves the magazine or pass it on.
  • 85% feel they always get new information from reading Maskinentreprenören 
  • 53% claim they get useful information from the advertising in the magazine.
  • 50% of the readers have acted or changed on information in Maskinentreprenören.

Audit: Skop 2022

10 400





the Magazine was founded

Here you will find all the info for your advertising

Take the chance to appear in any of our ten numbers, or why not make sure to book a place at all!

NumberRelease dateMaterial deadline
1-216 February18 January
314 March17 February
414 April17 March
516 May18 April
615 June17 May
7-816 August21 June
915 September18 August
1016 October18 September
1116 November18 October
1215 December17 November


The supplement maximum size: 198 x 270 mm

Spread406 x 275 + 3 mm31 500 kr
Full page203 x 275 + 3 mm21 000 kr
Half page portrait84 x 243 mm12 000 kr
Half page landscape173 x 118 mm12 000 kr
Back203 x 245 + 3 mm33 000 kr
Cover 2203 x 275 + 3 mm32 000 kr
Cover 3203 × 275 + 3 mm31 000 kr
Quarter page landscape173 x 60 mm7 000 kr
Quarter page portrait84 x 118 mm7 000 kr

Market Pages

Full page173 x 241 mm10 900 kr
Half page portrait84 x 241 mm5 900 kr
Half page landscape173 x 118 mm5 900 kr
Quarter page landscape173 x 57 mm2 900 kr
Quarter page portrait84 x 118 mm2 900 kr
1/884 × 57 mm1 500 kr
1/1640 x 57 mm990 kr

This years fair:

Entreprenad live 2023 in Gothenburg, Landvetter
7–9 september


Send your ads in PDF file format. Photos and illustrations should be in CMYK (no spot colors, PMS or RGB). Images must be high resolution, ie 300 dpi to be as good as possible in print. 3 mm drop should be placed around the creative. Cutting marks are used to fit the ad correctly. Text should not be closer than 5 mm from the page’s crop marks.

Leave your ad on or via

Digital media

The site daily publish news to cover the business and gather 10 000 page views monthly. Our newsletter reaches 5 300 professionals twice a week. 6 000 followers on Facebook.


Panoramic 1600x2405 900 kr
Panoramic 2600x2405 900 kr


Contact you sales person for more information and prices about production of content, tests, interviews, films or instagram. The article is included on all pages.

PremiumEarly placement. Includes news letter and puff in newsletter20 000 kr
StandardPlacement further down.15 000 kr

Deskop + mobile

When reserving the formats above, also send us in 320x320 for the best result in the mobile.

FormatPricePrice SOV 100% / 50%
Panoramic 1Topp 980x240/320x3203500 kr / 1750 kr week
Panoramic 2980x240 / 320x3203000 kr / 1500 kr week
Panoramic 3980x240 / 320x320(2500kr)
Insider big300x600 
Insider small 1 (top)300x250 2 500 kr / 1 250 kr vecka
Insider small 2300x6003 000 kr / 1 500 kr week
Module620x2403 000 kr / 1 500 kr week
Takeover1920x1080 / 320x48025 000 kr month
Stand aloneContact your salesman

Send your banners to in file format GIF, JPEG or HTML. The deadline is 3 days before publishing. Maximum 110 kb. Don’t forget to hand us a link for your ad.

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