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Lektion.se is by far Sweden’s largest teacher site and the content is created by teachers for teachers. Lektion.se has the industry’s highest visitor numbers and has established itself as a market-leading internet service for teachers.

Why Lektion.se?

  • 200 000 active users
  • 160 000 unique visitors
  • 2,7 million page views per month
  • Our newsletter has 150 000 recipients and an opening frequency of ca 25%
  • 1 000 000 downloaded lessons a month
  • A visitor stays over seven minutes and visits at least eleven pages

200 000

active members

160 000

visits / month

1 million

downloaded lessons / month

Information and pricing

Digital advertising

Big slider

The slider is displayed on the home page alternately for 6 seconds.

The slider is displayed on the home page alternately for 10 seconds.

800 x 360 px

25 000 SEK/week

30 000 SEK/week

Side banner

Traditional banner advertising to the right of the page content. Your banner follows on all pages through the user’s search for material.

250 x 240 px

20% SOV 9 900 SEK/month

Panorama under optional subjects

Target your marketing by advertising on lesson search pages. Here you can reach teachers at the different teaching levels when they are looking for ideas and help for teaching in their subjects.

Under any level, ”primary school”, ”preschool/leisure” or ”high school”, you can choose under which subject you want to be seen. The banner is displayed at the subject’s ”main page” and in the case of results of ”free text search” related to the subject.

800 x 150 px

20% SOV 5 900 SEK/month

Panorama run of site

Large banner ”inside the frames” displayed on the front page of the ”lesson database” and all pages under ”supplier archives” and ”forums”.

800 x 150 px

20% SOV 7 900 SEK/month

Mobile banner

Banner displayed at the top of the screen. Your banner is included on all pages.

320 x 320 px

20% SOV 5 000 SEK/month

Newsletter for members

Banner400 x 500 px12 900 SEK/mailing
Editorial400 × 275 px19 500 SEK/mailing
Stand alone/own newsletter180 000 SEK/mailing

The link archive (logo, link and text)

3 months1 495 SEK
6 months2 990 SEK
12 months5 990 SEK

Sponsored lessons

The sponsored lessons are popular among teachers.

Take the opportunity to expose lesson suggestions and product samples that become searchable.

For example, you can offer a free sample from a book and at the same time show how the material works. A full page for marketing is included where you can describe both the company and the material. You can also display your logo and link to the company’s website. 1-5 downloadable files and movie are also included.

1 month5 000 SEK
6 months20 000 SEK
12 months30 000 SEK


With editorials, you can spread information and raise awareness about a specific topic that teachers can use in their professional role. The article is highlighted through a puff on the first page of lektion.se and in the newsletter.

When booking for six months, a membership letter is included. When booking for 12 months, a total of two membership letters are included (a membership letter for each semester). Newsletters are not included when booking for less than six months. It is also possible to book several articles during the same period.

Price for 1 article

6 months20 000 SEK
12 months30 000 SEK

Banner material is sent to sandra@adviser.se in the file format GIF, JPEG or HTML. The material must be in place no later than three working days before publication. Maximum weight 110 kb. Do not forget the link to the landing page.

Do you need help with production?

a_delivery can help you produce ads, banners, natives and design concepts for our magazines and sites. Talk to your salesperson and you will get suggestions on price and layout or visit us at www.adelivery.se.

Own tab

Own tab and sub-page that is produced only for you. Increase the downloads and use of your existing school materials through this solution.

What do you achive through our solution?

  • Through an integrated solution, you become part ofLektion.se
  • Communicate with teachers directly on ”their” platform
  • Increase the distribution of your school material toteachers and schools
  • Educate Sweden’s teachers and students by spreading your educational material within the chosen subject/area
  • Access to an engaging and flexible way to communicate with 200 000 teachers

For price, contact Sandra

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