The membership magazine for swedish architects

The membership magazine for swedish architects

Arkitekten is Sweden’s Architects (the union and organisation for the industry) own membership magazine. It reaches the organisation´s 14 000 members: architects of every kind. The magazine also has got some readers within the building sector as well as the decision makers in Swedens municipality and public sector.

Why Arkitekten?

  • The magazine is sent home to all members.
  • 6 av 10 reads half or more of the magazine. Arkitekten is the strongest channel amongst architects in Sweden.
  • 9 av 10 thinks the magazine is quite, or very good.
  • 59 % states that they have acted after having read an ad in Arkitekten or on
  • 9 % states that they prescribe products and/or services in their work after reading an ad in Arkitekten.

Job advertisements print

IssuuCopy deadline/Booking deadlinePublishing
Full page225 x 300 mm + 3 mm bleed22 000 SEK
Half page vertical93,5 x 267 mm14 000 SEK
Half page horizontal195 x 131 mm14 000 SEK
1/4 page horizontal195 x 61 mm9 500 SEK
1/4 page vertical93,5 x 131 mm9 500 SEK
1/893,5 x 61 mm7 000 SEK

Job advertisements web

Text and logo + employer image in the format 2 500 px or bigger. Published within 24 hours after confirmed booking.
The ad is out until the last application date (maximum 2 months). Published on, 12 500 SEK per job.

We can also offer extra visibility during the first week by pushing for your vacancy on the main page of, and LinkedIn.
Price 2 500 SEK.


We now offer editorial ads where you can tell us more about the unique benefits of working with you. Here is also the opportunity to present some of your exciting projects, either in the past or for which you are looking for staff in the future.

Spread with bleed: 39 500 SEK

Size: 450 x 300 mm + 3 mm bleed

Employer branding

Here you have the opportunity to market your workplace in the long term as an attractive alternative. Larger formats and better placements give more impact. A long-term mindset has become an important part of today's recruitment, during this segment of the magazine you raise your business' awareness of our members.

Full page: 22 000 SEK

Size: 225 x 300 mm + 3 mm bleed

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